10+ Cute Ideas to Personalise Your Bridal Mehendi !

10+ Cute Ideas to Personalise Your Bridal Mehendi !

Brideys, we understand that you want your bridal mehendi to be exceptionally special, holding personal significance for you, correct? Allow us to put an end to this confusion right here! Here, we present the coolest ideas we’ve spotted on Real Brides who have personalized their bridal mehendi, and some of these ideas are truly next-level awesome. Don’t believe us? Check them out!

Get your wedding hashtag included!

Images via: Blacktieproject Photography , Instagram 

The ever classic and trendy idea is to include your wedding hashtag in your Mehendi, and get all your guests do the same and share the joy.

Your love story on your Mehendi

Images via: Candid Wedding Stories★ 5 , Sunny Dhiman Photography★ 4.9

This is one of our favorite ideas! To have your love story etched into the bridal Mehendi. It’s as personal as it can get and absolutely aww-dorable.

A verse or a poem dedicated to your groom

Bridal mehendi with verse on it

Images via: Lenseyezia Productions★ 4.9

We stumbled upon these heartwarming verses from poems that the bride dedicated to the groom, and it’s such a wonderfully unique idea that we couldn’t resist saving it just for you.

An Object That Has A Special Significance

Images via: Shutterdown – Lakshya Chawla★ 5

Are any of you a photographer? If so, how about incorporating a charming little element like a camera in your bridal Mehendi design? You can opt for something small and adorable if minimalism is your style.

Portraits of both of you

bridal mehendi with portraits


Images via: Studio Kelly Photography★ 4.7 , Ibtida.co

Here’s another incredibly charming idea: Have portraits of both of you beautifully incorporated into the bridal Mehendi, so chic!

Portraits of your loved ones

Images via: Instagram

Your loved ones are a big part of your special day then why not your bridal mehendi? Take inspiration from these brides and weave the essence of your loved ones into your mehendi design.

Your Beloved Pet

Images via: Priyam Parikh Pictures★ 5

This one is absolutely heartwarming! If you have a beloved pet that holds a special place in your heart, this is an incredibly sweet way to include them in your big day.

Etch your best memory together

Images via: Sunny Dhiman Photography★ 4.9

Went on the trip of a lifetime together? Well, you’re gonna have many more, but you can cherish a memory of a good one forever by including it in your bridal Mehendi!

Each other’s initials / names in the Mehendi

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How cute is this? It’s not uncommon to see a groom’s name on a bride’s hands, but there are surely various fun ways to include it.

Your favorite show or cartoon character

Images via: Instagram 

These brides chose to include their beloved cartoons in their bridal Mehendi, and we find it absolutely adorable! It’s a small touch that adds a personal flair and makes your Mehendi truly unique and memorable.

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Any more cool ideas you can think of? Tell us in the comments below!

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