15 Honeymoon Destinations With Flights Under 40K!

15 Honeymoon Destinations With Flights Under 40K!

Embarking on a dream honeymoon doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve curated an exciting list of 15 honeymoon destinations that not only promise romance and adventure but also come with an incredible bonus – flights under 40K for a round trip! Get ready to discover exotic locales, experience unforgettable moments, and create lifelong memories. Let’s dive into this epic list of budget-friendly honeymoon spots that guarantee fun and unforgettable experiences. Get set to jet off to a romantic honeymoon!

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Baku, Azerbaijan

Round Trip Fare Per Head – INR 27,000

This one is become popular in recent months. Nestled along the Caspian Sea, this romantic destination captivates couples with its stunning seaside views, historic landmarks, delectable cuisine, and luxurious accommodations. The round trip per person is only 27k, which means you can have a totally Instagrammable honeymoon in a pocket-friendly range!


Round Trip Fare Per Head – INR 39,000

Picture yourself wandering hand in hand through the bustling Grand Bazaar, indulging in delectable Turkish delights, and marvelling at the iconic Hagia Sophia together. With its charming tea gardens, mesmerizing sunsets over the Bosphorus, and vibrant nightlife, Istanbul is your passport to a honeymoon filled with romance, adventure, and endless fun!

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Tbilisi, Georgia

Round Trip Fare Per Head – INR 31,000

Another location that is trending all over! With its cozy cafes, scenic riverbanks, and ancient churches, Tbilisi is a heartwarming gem of Georgia, perfect for honeymoon bliss. You can explore its charming cobblestone streets, savouring exquisite Georgian cuisine, and toasting with exceptional local wines. With a 31k return flight, what more do you want?


Round Trip Fare Per Head – INR 38,000

This is the ultimate beach lover’s paradise. What sets this destination apart is its unique granite rock formations, particularly at Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue Island, creating a surreal backdrop for your romantic escapade. Whether you’re lounging on secluded beaches, exploring vibrant coral reefs, or indulging in Creole cuisine, Seychelles blends natural beauty and exclusivity in perfect harmony.


Round Trip Fare Per Head – INR 24,000

With a 2.5-hour flight from Mumbai, Srilanka is easy to get to and easy on the pocket. They have diverse landscapes, pristine beaches and lush tea plantations, ancient temples and wildlife-rich national parks. What makes this destination truly unique is its rich cultural heritage, including the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting ancient frescoes and stunning panoramic views. And don’t forget the food! Srilankan cuisine is a paradise for foodies that you will not wish to come back from!

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Round Trip Fare Per Head – INR 39,000

Remember those Pinterest-y images of thousands of lanterns in the air? That’s the Taiwan Lantern Festival, where thousands of colourful lanterns light up the night sky, creating a magical atmosphere. It’s a lively location for honeymooners who love a kick of adventure. Bustling night markets, delectable street food, and relaxing hot springs to balance it all off. You can take it one step further and hike in the Taroko Gorge, an amazing hike with scenic walks through tunnels, suspension bridges, and picturesque riverbanks.


Round Trip Fare Per Head – INR 25,000

The capital of Oman, the port city of Muscat is a gorgeous place to honeymoon. It’s a shopping and cultural hub for the country, along with its scenic beauty. Best part? A round trip is 25k and the flight duration is 4 hours only.


Round Trip Fare Per Head – INR 32,000

Nestled between 7000 mini islands, the Philippines is a honeymooner’s paradise. Located in the eastern region of Asia, the Philippines is an archipelago surrounded by turquoise waters, making it a perfect start to your married life.


Round Trip Fare Per Head – INR 38,000

Float on a hot air balloon in Cappadocia as you honeymoon in Turkey! From Istanbul to Antalya, Turkey is a dizzying combination of beautiful architecture, natural beauty, extraordinary cultural experiences, vibrant nightlife, and scrumptious food. Perfect for a honeymoon, right? With a round trip under 40k, more reasons to pick Turkey.

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Round Trip Fare Per Head – INR 40,000

If you are looking for a magical and exotic honeymoon location, Bali should be your pick. With a round trip under 40k, this location is budget-friendly with no compromise on the stunning location.

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Round Trip Fare Per Head – INR 30,000

With its gorgeous beaches, sparkling bays, colonial structures, stunning landscapes, and colourful culture Vietnam awaits you, honeymooners. If you are looking to experience luxury on a budget honeymoon, Vietnam is your destination. With flight fares at a steal deal of INR 30,000, it starts off with a bang!

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Round Trip Fare Per Head – INR 30,000

The mecca of all things luxurious! If you are planning on travelling to Dubai on your honeymoon, you can fly back and forth for just under INR 30,000. From adventure sports to lux dining experiences, Dubai has all your honeymoon needs covered!


Round Trip Fare Per Head – INR 22,000

A dream honeymoon destination, you cannot go wrong with Maldives. Absolutely stunning and perfect for couples who love beaches and water activities!

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Round Trip Fare Per Head – INR 38,000

Looking for a relaxing honeymoon where all you need to do is lounge around, swim and eat good food? Laos is your destination. You will find it all – UNESCO sites, luxury spas, fun night markets, and local food in Laos.


Round Trip Fare Per Head – INR 38,000

Known as the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan is known as one of the happiest countries in the world. You can kick-start your honeymoon by immersing yourself in rich culture, and mountain monasteries and being a part of colourful Bhutanese festivals.

*All flight rates are from Mumbai/Delhi airports and for a period between January 2024 to April 2024*


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