Simple iPhone Tricks To Take Amazing Honeymoon Photos

Simple iPhone Tricks To Take Amazing Honeymoon Photos

The internet is like a treasure trove of tips and tricks- like where would we even be without it! The latest thing to fascinate us on the internet are some cool ideas on how to take better photos- and when you come to know these, your mind is seriously going to be blown! Who knew honeymoon photos do not all have to be selfies or those with a selfie stick? Here are some easy peasy ideas, made even easier if any of you own a smart watch that connects to the phone! Honeymoon photos that look professional, and super Insta-worthy!

Posing tips and tricks

Who knew posing would be such a piece of cake? We all get awkward about bikini photos right? They show such easy poses that look fabulous on camera.

No more boring airport selfies

You want to announce to the world that you’re going on your honeymoon, but not with a boring selfie! Here’s how to take cool airport photos, and with such ease!

Learn how to take photos in crowded places

Oh the worst part about honeymooning in a place that’s popular? The other tourists photobombing your pretty photos! Here’s a trick to take nice photos in a crowded place. 

Capture everything in the frame

How do you get a photo of you and the whole monument behind you? With the pano mode of course! The mode you have never used but who knew has so much potential!

How to edit stunning portraits

Now those not look like photos taken on a phone right? Stunning is the word, and here are useful hacks that’ll help you even beyond your honeymoon!

Struggle with couple poses?

We all have been there. Posing doesn’t come naturally to most of us, and couple poses are even more awkward. If you do not want another same ‘half hug’ kinda photo, then these poses and tips are golden!


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